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Open House

Sunday, August 20

10 am to 1 pm

Enrolling Now!

Primary classroom

Ages: 3 - 5 years old


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"Free the child's potential, and you will transform him into the world."

     - Maria Montessori


At Tippytoes Montessori, we educate children according to the Montessori Method of education developed by Dr. Maria Montessori, the first female physician in Italy and a pioneer in the study of child development. Dr. Montessori’s methods of Montessori education has spread over more than 100 countries in the world. Montessori education is a child-centered approach based on scientific observations of children from birth to adulthood. Montessori methods are widely tested and acclaimed as a standard approach for educating children.

We help children develop independence in all areas according to their inner emotional directives. Montessori education involves free activity within an educational environment designed to address the basic characteristics of children of different ages and the individual behaviors of each child. Our Montessori classrooms offer access to the materials for each child in an environment that embraces the child’s sensory stimulation.










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Open:  8:15 am to 5:30pm

             Monday - Friday

Phone: (503)-846-1818/971-713-5544


Location: 1295 NE Orenco Station Pkwy

                  Hillsboro, OR 97124 

We follow Covid-19 protocols.  All staff are vaccinated and wear masks.  The facility and classrooms are kept clean and sanitized.


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